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Dad, are you space?
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Heyo, Madam Mayhem here! I'm an aspiring Youtube Let's Player (don't currently have any of the necessary equipment :P), and I'm currently working on a couple of projects that I'd like to turn into webcomics!

My dA family so far:
:iconloveyourself1234:: My crazy little daughter!:icondamonnara:: My Dad!:icondamiin:: My insane brother!:iconthelegofan:: My Brother!:iconepicsupersaiyan:: Mah Bro!:icontalidaga-montrega:: The nutty cousin!
:iconpuppypal1000:: My Canine Cousin!:iconshadowflower55:: My crazy friend!
:iconlaughterlover:: The family friend that lives in the attic!:iconsierra-wolf:: A random person!
:iconzora-twilight:: Da random crazy person that is for some reason in my house!
:iconred-rat-writer:: The weirdo that is living in the backyard!:icontheupgradedmodel:: The psycho who lives in my basement!
:iconskylo-dawg:: The unwelcome heathen!
  • Mood: Relief
Got the teeth pulled. Waking up from anesthesia was weird, 10/10 would totally do it again because being really out of it is better than being dead (Also yes, I was unreasonably afraid that was going to happen. Go anxiety!). Also, I'd never experienced what an IV was like before, so that was freaking me out, too, because I had been comparing it to what getting my blood drawn that one time was like. The blood drawing was not fun, getting the IV put in was... also not fun, but not nearly as bad as I was expecting.

Anyways, I'm home now, I took a couple of naps, the feeling is returning to my face (which is super weird, like if you've never experienced that before, imagine when your hand falls asleep, but it's happening to your tongue and lips). Also, I ate some pudding. That was nice.

so much gauze stuffed in my face, ew

Update: Eating food is weird, since my bottom lip and chin are still numb, but the rest of my jaw is sore. But I did finish the pudding cup, and I'm in the process of eating a second bowl of cold soup. More at eleven.

Update due: Okay, half of my bottom lip and chin area is numb, while the rest had feeling. Weeiiirrrddd. Also, part of one of my ears was numb, and I didn't find out until I put my headphones in. Weeeeeeeiiiiiiirrrrrrrrdddddd.

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